replacement quilt


About a month ago, I gave away our favorite and most utilized quilt.  It was the quilt that we kept on the couch and snuggled under– pretty much– everyday.  {I had good reasons to gift it, trust me!}  So, I needed to make a replacement pronto.  For this one, I was determined to make something that would fit in nicely in our living room, which has lots of neutrals and brown leather furniture.  {I added hot pink to the mix because, well, I just can’t help myself.}  I used the color scheme from Laurie Wisbrun’s Llook! Llamas! collection to guide me when I selected the fabric.  I even tried to keep the ratio of neutral-to-brights similar to the way Laurie balanced it in that print.  I used strip piecing so that the top would come together quickly.  One of my favorite parts is that scrappy thin strip on the right side.  The quilting is a grid and the binding is my all time favorite text print.  {I’ve got a half yard of this print left.  It’s time to fall in love with another simple text print!}


This is my favorite type of quilt.  It’s completely not-fussy to sew and relies on the strength of beautiful fabric to make it sing.  Wanna see the best part?  Below is a photo of the back of the quilt.  I decided I would take a bunch of larger cuts of special fabric that I normally have trouble using because I’m afraid I’ll be sad when they are gone. {Obsessed much?}  Just try to look at that big ole llama, with his perfect Peruvian hat, without cracking a smile?


I’m going to end this post with one last bit of pretty amazing news.  At the end of the month, I am going to Houston to attend Quilt Market!  I’m going to tag along with my friend Laurie.   Those of you who are a part of the online sewing community understand the magnitude of this opportunity and how much fun it is going to be.  For those of you who follow my blog because you know me and love me, it boils down to this:  Quilt Market is trade-show heaven for the fabric-obsessed.  {And clearly I count myself among the fabric-obsessed.}  IT’S GOING TO BE SUCH A BLAST!


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10 thoughts on “replacement quilt

  1. Beautiful new quilt! Projects like that are so fun! Have a great time at the quilt market! I can only dream of what one would be like!

  2. You have one of the kindest bloggy hearts I am privileged to know. The recipient of your treasured quilt is surely thankful for your kindness.
    You are such a lucky duck to get to go to quilt market! Take lots of pics and share your fabric goodies here so we can live vicariously through you!

  3. it really is a rockin great quilt Molly. I cant believe Quilt Market is next week. is that right? surely you have started packing??

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