what to expect when everyone else is expecting

Two of my sisters are expecting their first babies in the coming months.  Cowgirl Auntie’s baby, whom we have nicknamed “Dancer,” should be here in seven short weeks.  (According to her mom, the Dancer will be grounded the second she is born because all of her prancing around made Cowgirl Auntie quite ill during the first few months of the pregnancy.)  Island Auntie is due at the end of May.  As you can imagine, it’s a pretty exciting time for our family.

So, what to expect?  Around here, a lot of sewing.  I just finished a quilt for the Dancer and will drop it in the mail soon.  Below is a sneak peek.  Maybe I’ll post a more revealing photo after the recipients open the package.  I know.  The suspense.  Next on the list is a blanket for the Island Baby.  I have some great fabric and a pretty good idea about the design–but that’s for another day.



3 thoughts on “what to expect when everyone else is expecting

  1. The little dancer thinks its beautiful. Gave me a little kick when I first saw the sight!! I LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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