plankton & puppy dogs

We had a great time last weekend. City Auntie and her boyfriend met us at the aquarium. Local Auntie and her Super Six-Year-Old came with us. The Godfather met us for lunch in the city afterwards.



The next day we hit our favorite hiking spot. The little guy dozed as we strolled along. Toward the end of our walk, we encountered a litter of the sweetest puppies. To say that our munchkin loves all things canine is an understatement. He doesn’t say much yet, but he sure knows how to bark. If I could translate his one-year-old babble I’d guess that he is constantly repeating variations of “Why haven’t you people bought me a dog yet? I mean….c’mon already.” You can imagine the expression of pure joy when he awoke from his slumber to this sight.




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