handed down

Christmas has come and gone and I’m not typically one to drag it out again once the tree has exited the building and the decorations have been packed away. However, we received some extra special gifts this year and I thought it might be fun to show off the loot.

At the top of the list is a beautiful children’s rocking chair that we were gifted on Christmas Eve from the Cydermaker’s uncle, Uncle Cookie Baker. That evening we had no idea that we were the intended recipients. Though I have to admit, when I saw it under the Grandparent’s tree, I secretly wished that we would be the ones taking it home.

Later that week, Grammy asked us if we were going to take the rocking chair to our house. That’s when we learned its history. You see, it’s not just any rocking chair. It belonged to the Cydermaker’s grandfather. The reason why it has been handed down to our family is because the Cydermaker, my husband, is the only grandchild that Uncle Cookiebaker can remember ever using it.

Thank you Uncle Cookie Baker. It is beautiful and is already getting lots of use by a certain little person who loves to show off his newfound rocking skills. And don’t worry about me. I will soon get over the fact that neither the Cydermaker nor I thanked you in person on Christmas Eve for such a precious gift. I guess I was too darn busy eating those delicious chocolate chip cookies you were handing out.




One thought on “handed down

  1. What an adorable little candy cane!
    Hey little guy, keep asking mom and dad for a puppy!! Maybe next year we’ll celebrate our birthdays with a puppy by our sides. Love you!

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