Because I am one of six children and half of my siblings are spread out across the country, we simplify gift-giving at Christmas by picking names.  Each person gives a gift to only one sibling and their family.  This year, our family lucked out because Architect Uncle and Teacher Auntie picked us.  We received a whole box of hand-crafted maple building-block fun.  Check it out.


Gorgeous, right?  These blocks were absolutely the perfect gift.  In fact, the Cydermaker and I were hoping to BUY blocks like these for our little guy, but weren’t able to find anything in our area that even remotely resembled these.  Pretty nice to have a talented and crafty uncle in the family.  Thanks Architect Uncle and Teacher Auntie!


And speaking of handmade, I sewed a little something this weekend for a certain Big-Sis-To-Be who lives in Florida.  A very early birthday present of sorts.


One thought on “handmade

  1. Beautiful blocks! What a treasure those will be in your family for generations. We have my husband’s blocks now, and they are in constant use all these years later.

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