faster than a speeding bullet

My Best Friend had her first baby over a year and a half ago and I missed the boat on a handmade gift at the time of the birth. Now that Best Friend is expecting her second kiddo, I decided that I really wanted to make something for Number One before Number Two arrives on the scene. What better way to prepare Number One for the coming of a little brother or sister than by outfitting her with a Super-Big-Sis Cape! Every Big-Sis needs one. The cape I made has magical powers, is reversible with a scalloped hem, and is modeled below on the brown teddy bear.

The precious white teddy, by the way, was made especially for our little guy by Adventure Auntie. Isn’t he amazing?


Here’s the Big-Sis-to-Be. And yes, she IS faster than a speeding bullet.


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