any day now

My little sister is not so little these days, but she is more beautiful than ever.  If everyone looked this good as they approached their ninth month of pregnancy, we would all be having a lot more children. Cowgirl Auntie’s due date is in early March, but she is dreaming of a late February birthday for her sweet pea. Doesn’t she look fantastic?


What’s her stay-in-shape-while-preggo secret? She is an expert downhill skier and has been hitting the slopes regularly. In fact, she only just hung up her skis a couple of weeks ago. This is one of my favorite photos. Now, that’s one hot pair of ski pants!


Here’s what Dad’s closet is looking like these days. Is this considered a wardrobe upgrade? I think so. Very sweet!


Thanks very much for sending us the photos, Cowgirl Auntie. I am so excited to become an Auntie for the first time and can’t wait to meet your baby girl.


2 thoughts on “any day now

  1. Thanks Cydermaker’s Wife! We just can’t wait to see our little girl on the blog – or better yet in our arms! We are hoping she is as cute as my precious little nephew! He sure started a new trend in our family. xoxo Cowgirl Auntie

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