little bit o’ city. little bit o’ country.



Contrary to what I thought would be the case, now that we have a kiddo, we actually get into the city more often than we did when we were a free-wheeling couple with lesser responsibilities. It’s amazing how much spare time you gain on a weekend when you are forced to wake up at six a.m. So, after breakfast (another activity in which we would rarely partake before the little guy) we sometimes hop in the car and head to the big city.  We will go to the outdoor food market, or just walk around a random neighborhood. Some days we check out some shops and have lunch, maybe hit the Children’s Museum. During our last jaunt, we came across this urban graveyard. There is something about those simple grave markers that I really like. (I know, that’s random, but I think it’s nice when something semi-creepy like a graveyard looks pretty.)


By the end of the day, we are ready to head back home where we are occasionally greeted by these little darlings. (I wish I remembered their names, but I don’t.) These sweet ladies belong to our neighbors. It is always a nice surprise to find them a-peckin’ in our yard. Pretty girls, aren’t they?


Ahhh. Another slice of our exciting life!

In other news, Island Auntie called last night and sounds great. There has been lots of crafting going on around here, so maybe I will take a few pictures of that stuff soon. Also, a certain Grandpa has a birthday coming up, so there’s something in the works for him.


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