march of the elephants

OK, so, this fabric is pretty great, right? And it’s perfect for two people who *one* are having a baby, *two* love animals, and *three* happen to be vets, yeah?


And it looks pretty darn wonderful draped on this sweet, unknowing one-year-old… ¿sí?


Well, here’s the kicker. I am finding it a tad challenging to match up all those crazy colors to make your usual, sweet little baby quilt. So Upstate Vets, here is your warning. This quilt will not be typical, but I think this is a good thing, because you are a singular pair. (If a pair can be singular, that is. Hmmm.) I take comfort in the fact that Upstate Vet Mama is the kinda gal who knows her way around a seam-ripper. She is also the type that never throws out a perfectly good earring just because she has lost one of a set. She simply wears ’em mismatched. It’s art in action–you should see it. Her Hawaiian Hubby isn’t what you’d call cookie-cutter either, so I believe a not-so-babyish baby quilt will suit them just fine. Congrats you guys–can’t wait for that little girl to arrive!

Oh, and Grandpa’s birthday present has evolved into the coolest darn beer/jaw-harp holder you have ever seen. Probably because you have never seen one before. Seriously though, it is super cute, so I will show that after Grandpa gets his loot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY G.P.D! We love you, your Saturday morning visits, your choice words during playoff season and everything else!!!!!


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