the kidlet

Nope. It’s not a new nickname for the little guy. A kidlet is the invention of a crafty mom who wanted to encourage her adorable twins to pick up after themselves. She created a handy wall pocket, and in my humble opinion, it is pretty awesome. She offers a very clear, detailed pattern on her website for free, so go ahead and make one. If you do, follow her instructions exactly. I improvised using materials that I had on-hand, but next time I will use interfacing and cotton webbing so that the end result is good and sturdy. Mine’s a little floppy.

The little guy and I used the kidlet pattern to come up with a gift for Grandpa’s birthday . My smart munchkin lead Grandpa into the living room while I took a quick snapshot of the two of them walking away from me. Didn’t he do a great job? We transformed Grandpa’s kidlet into a beer/jaw harp tote by adding an extra handle.

Grandpa really liked the beer and he definitely appreciated the tote, though something tells me he probably won’t be bringing it with him to the corner store on his next beer run. I think he found the jaw harp to be a bit questionable. And he is right. We didn’t realize that it was such a complicated instrument when we bought it. We just thought it looked old-fashioned and fun. But I will refrain from jammering on about jaw harps for now. Surely there is another blog for that.


You would think I would have filled up the bag with some fancy beer, but Grandpa likes the regular stuff.


I was loving this project, so I made the disco version for us to keep. They sort of look like they are dancing at a club, don’t they? (Which reminds me, if you want to take your wee one to a club, there is a company called Baby Loves Disco that allows you to do just that. We haven’t been yet, but I’d love to give it a shot sometime.)

Below is the Kidlet in action. We now keep it on a door knob in the living room. The little guy loves to put his small toys inside. Genius! Thanks Jennifer. All of your creations are beautiful.


In case it sounded familiar and you were wondering, Snoopy plays a mean jaw harp.


In other news, I spoke with Alpine Auntie last night and she is ready to have that baby. I was rooting for a leap year baby, but no such luck. Will keep you posted!


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