it’s a wrap


First things first. The Dancer now has a perfect name that suits her perfect-little-gorgeous self! I have the sweetest photo of her on my mobile phone. Once I have something of decent quality, I will post a photo. She is such a cutie. I CAN’T WAIT to meet her.

The Upstate Vets’ quilt has been wrapped up and shipped off. Granny Upstate Vet is throwing a baby shower this weekend, so I am hoping the parade of elephants arrives in time for the party. I couldn’t decide which background color to use on the front of the quilt, so I ended up making my first reversible quilt. By reversible I mean that it is hard to tell which side is the front and which side is the back. Pretty fancy, huh? I’ll post a bunch of photos early next week.

I included a little hostess gift in the package. I don’t think Granny Upstate Vet is an esteemed apple cyder reader yet, so I think it’s safe to reveal that the gift is a cookbook that I originally put together for Grandmama a while back. I’ll write something up about the ole family cookbook another time. It’s chock full of nostalgic recipes and embarrassing family photos from long ago. Fun stuff.

I found some pretty fabric tape and used it to dress up the brown paper bag I used to wrap Granny’s hostess gift. I also added one of these great gift tags. They were originally designed as holiday gift tags, but the one I chose wasn’t very Christmas-y, so I stuck it on there. It reads: I made this myself, just so you know. So don’t say anything mean about it. Of course Granny Upstate Vet would never say anything mean about my gift; I just thought the tag was funny. (The tag is all blurry in the photo above, but trust me, it’s really snazzy.) Thanks to Amy for the clever tags.

A lot of great fish names have been rolling in. Yay commenters! The round-up to date includes Wanda, Nemo, Ferdinand (Ferdy), Muzi, Gus, Jeremy, Pamplemousse, Goldie, Sam, Go (short for Go-Fish), Pomme-Pomme, Sushi, Swimmy, Bubbles and Creamsicle. Clearly this blog attracts creative types. The contest is open until Monday, so keep the excellent suggestions coming.

One last thing. I recently had a wonderful birthday and received some pretty amazing gifts, many of which were textile in nature. I’ll do a full post on that great day–and the goodies that came along with it–soon.

Thanks for checking in!


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