Welcome to the world, my precious little niece. Each day will be a little bit brighter because of you.


Congrats to the new Mom and Dad! She is just gorgeous.

And thanks Auntie J, for the great photo. Oh, and City Hall is grateful too. They have been emailing me off the hook for a glimpse of this chiquitilla!


Here is another photo of Alta’s newest skiier. I love the sweatshirt.


8 thoughts on “precious

  1. iööö que lindo baby, felicidades a los padres y a la flamante tía! el libro del le´on en parís recibió el año pasado una mención de honor en la feria de Bologna, por eso creo que cualquier día traducen el libro al inglés, de la misma autora hay esto pero creo que precisamente falan sus mejores libros. Un buen regalo es este clásico que seguro que conoces pero cuando el nene tenga cinco años como el mío. Un beso desde el noroeste de España, es una alegría leer tus comentarios, thanks

  2. Welcome! and Congratulations!

    She is BEAUTIFUL. Love the photo. Thanks for sharing your news. Grandmama is very proud and so are we.

  3. Hi All, Josh and I are loving every precious moment with our baby girl. We took her out on her first nordic ski adventure yesterday. One week old and already enjoying the Park City scene. Both Grandmothers and Quilting Auntie come for a visit in the next two weeks. Lucy can not wait to meet them! Now I just need to learn how to change her sleeping paterns from day to night. Any advice out there???
    Lots of Love,
    K & J & L

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