I had the perfect birthday a week or so ago. The Cydermaker took the 6 a.m. shift with the kiddo and made pancakes for breakfast. Grandmama took me to lunch, accompanied by a trip to the bookstore. I was greeted later that evening by three bouquets of flowers, some extra special chocolate, and a bottle of my favorite potatoes…from Poland…in liquid form. We had a nice family dinner at a local restaurant and shared a delicious piece of chocolate mousse cake from a local bakery. My kind of day! I was also treated to an on-line fabric shopping spree. The Cydermaker ordered up a bunch of Japanese imports and Grandmama treated me to a whole bunch of fabric squares. The pile of goodness is right there in the top photo. Do you see those cute green hedgehogs at the bottom peeking out?


I am really loving this new line of fabric called Flutterby by Tula Pink. I think it’s my favorite thing to stare at right now. I do that. Just stare at fabric. The Cydermaker catches me in the act all the time. I suppose I could have worse quirks. Oh wait. I do. But I won’t get into that right now.


These “fish cakes” may seem a little odd, but I have something in mind for them and they should do the job nicely.


And this sweet fabric is populated with the most adorable apple trees. A yard or two flew over from Japan and landed in the home of a gal with a blog named apple cyder. It only makes sense, right?

So now you are saying to yourself, “Nice fabric lady, but why the heck is this post titled Creamsicle?”

Because Creamsicle is the name of our new fish! Now go back to that original post and have another gander at our first family pet. I think you’ll agree it’s the perfect name. Thanks to the “C” Girls for the suggestion. Something handmade will make its way to you soon. Barbara was the winner of the random drawing. Her name, Jeremy, was also a good one, but we felt like the little guy would have gone with Creamsicle if he could have had a say in the matter. So Barbara wins as well. I will be in touch when the prizes are ready. Thanks to everyone who played along. I appreciate all of the great name ideas and love getting those comments.

Speaking of contests, I won one recently and a very talented woman named Mary (a self-professed craft addict) sent me these beautiful tea towels. Check out her blog if you have a chance. I am so impressed by everything she creates and was thrilled to find such a beautiful gift from her in the mail.

One last thing. We just returned from a really fun (yet slightly soggy) ski weekend in Vermont with Grammy, Grandpa and the Aunties and Uncle. More on that soon.


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