right foot red

We had a very nice family ski weekend in Stowe, Vermont with the Cydermaker’s parents and siblings. We hit the slopes Saturday and Sunday while the kiddo hung out with his grandparents. They had a great time—lots of toy shopping and breakfast-time cake eating. You know. The usual grandparent stuff. I didn’t get any photos on the slopes, but I did catch this Grandpa/Grandson moment on the porch.


One highlight of the trip for me was sitting around with Grammy and City Auntie learning about how this amazing dress was constructed. See that gorgeous gal in the photo below? That’s our very own Adventure Auntie and she and Grammy made that dress for her senior prom. I don’t have the time to delve into the actual story of the making of the gown, but I thought I’d share a picture because it just blows me away. I can’t imagine working with twister board material. (This scanned photo does not do the dress, nor its model, justice. And–yikes!– I don’t have time to edit the scary red-eye. Apologies, especially to Adventure Auntie.)


The weekend flew by and before we knew it we were heading back home. The little guy was screaming his version of “are we there yet?!!!” an hour into the four hour trip. That’s when we gave him the thing that we said we’d never give him again. Ahhhh. Much better.

And then we were finally almost home.


We are hosting a little St. Pat’s Day party for our family this weekend. I did a little crafting for that last night and will share the goods next week. Just something small (tiny, actually) and goofy for folks to take home with them.

I am thinking of doing a post on how to make those photo silhouettes I used on Grandpa’s Beer Bag. I’ve had three people ask. I am pretty sure there are other tutorials out there in crafty blogland for this sort of thing, but I could give you my slightly varied take on it. Is it worth putting it out there? Let me know what you think. Either post a comment or send me a quick note at acyder at gmail dot com.

Did I mention that I have a brand-new, beautiful niece? I’ve booked my first flight as an Auntie and will get to hold that sweet thing soon!


5 thoughts on “right foot red

  1. Wow the Twister dress is brilliant and it seems that the skirt is made from a Twister game mat which means that there is a lot of material that went waste but still it looks fantastic on the lady. Hope that you hade a good prom.

  2. I’m interested in knowing how they put the dress together (did the sew it?) as I’m having an Anything But Clothes party and I was hoping to make my dress out of a twister mat.

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