gussied up in green


Meet Bird Woman. She hails from an amazing flea market in Hungary. She was originally purchased by a former boss of mine who was visiting our satellite office in Budapest before returning to his office in Washington DC. This former boss didn’t have room in his suitcase for Bird Woman, so she resided in my apartment near this great street until the boss returned to claim her. To make a long story a little shorter, that old boss never really made room for her in his suitcase. Poor Bird Woman. So when it was time for me to return home, she crossed the Atlantic with me and now lives here with us in New England. She occasionally comes out for parties. This time she got all gussied up.


Isn’t she pretty–nose chip and all? I mean, once you get past those creepy birds on her arms? That’s the Cydermaker’s great-great-grandparents hanging from her neck. Below is a cousin dangling from her dainty little wrist.


Those little trinkets were party favors for the St. Paddy’s Day party we threw for our families on Sunday. Yes, folks. I jumped on the Shrinky Dink band wagon. And boy was it a fun ride! Once I got started, I wanted to shrink every image I have saved on my computer. Do you think it would be a bad thing if I skipped putting together a “first year” photo album for my kid and just made him an elaborate shrink-plastic garland of sorts? That idea seemed increasingly legitimate as I watched my relatives magically curl up, shrink, and flatten in my oven. Must have been the fumes.


A good time was had by all at the party . We ate and drank a bunch, listened to music, did a little jig and played some frisbee for good measure.


And then the party was over.


Happy (semi-belated) St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you had a blast. And former boss, if you are reading this, Bird Woman is still here for you to claim. Though you had better act fast, because we are growing very fond of her.


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