little things

Don’t worry. I’m not going to embark on another sentimental post. I won’t drone on about how we should all appreciate the little things in life, stop and smell the roses, etc, etc. Surely there are other bloggers better suited to provide you will that sage advice. It just so happens that most of the photos I wanted to show you have a unifying theme; they are small. So, my apologies to all the cynics (I include myself in this category) if the title made your eyes roll. Apologies also to all those nice folks out there who may have been hankering for another healthy dose of sap.

OK–Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

Grammy had a set of great old-fashioned flash-cards sitting on her kitchen table that caught my eye. I borrowed them, took photos of each card, and during a recent shrinky dink frenzy, made a few mini flash-cards for myself. These three are my favorites. There is something about the design of that cookie jar that I love. Click on the photo if you are curious.


This itty-bitty dress and teeny-tiny pair of pants are part of a project I am finishing up for when I visit my brand-new niece at the end of this week.


We ran into this sweet little thing, along with a bunch of his brothers and sisters, at a local farm this weekend.


And here’s my favorite little guy, riding on the shoulders of my favorite big guy.


Sometimes it’s a good thing to take it easy and trail behind the group.

What did you do over the weekend? Hope it was great.


5 thoughts on “little things

  1. Hi Molly,

    Berlin (Germany) experienced the start of Spring, first flowers in the gardens and pink blossoming trees along some roads but the weather forecast predicts more cold temperatures to come back for the days ahead. We will be going to Helsinki in two weeks time for an extended week-end with Super-Fast Ferries Line (24 hrs. on the boat for each trip forth and back). Helsinki still shows quite some snow on the web cams and we hope that it will have melted by the time we get there. Viking life will only start with a battle trainig camp near Berlin the last week-end of April. My Viking will be an active participant and I will take the pics. Can’t you change habits and sew Viking dresses instead of quilts??? You would meet some high demands from the two of us. Warm wishes, Elke

  2. Your little niece can not wait to pick you up at the airport tomorrow! Meet her Auntie for the first time. Now that is a BIG event!

  3. I LOVE those little flash cards! They’re great! How did you do the shrinky dink thing? Did you actually use shrinky dink stuff? Do they have printer stuff? Em

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