perfect visit

I had a wonderful trip to Utah to meet my first little niece. Most of my time was spent staring at a beautiful baby…holding her…kissing her…and just marveling at all that sweet, brand-newness and wonder that comes with a newborn. I was in awe of just how pretty she is. See what I mean?

The rest of the trip was spent trading new mom secrets with Alpine Auntie in the hot tub, laughing about anything and everything, and finishing up a beautiful nine-patch quilt with Alpine Auntie and Grandmama. It was so much fun to have a little sewing circle with my sister and mother. And you really do get a lot accomplished with two extra pairs of hands. One pair to play with the baby, another to cut and measure, and a third pair working at the machine. My sister is a very talented quilter and has a real eye for color and fabric choices. The sewing bug is something we caught from our mom.

But the best part of the trip was getting to know my adorable little niece. She smiles in her sleep, makes little kissing movements with her lips and is already sleeping 4+ hour stretches at night. Good girl. It was amazing to see my younger sister as a mom. She is a natural. I knew she would be, but it was so great to witness it in person.

Thanks for a fantastic visit, you guys. She is just perfect.


13 thoughts on “perfect visit

  1. Wow, that sounds like a really lovely visit. The new baby niece really is beautiful and looks so happy. I am sure your sister really valued the family visit too! How nice.

  2. What an amazing visit we had from my sister, my Mom, and Josh’s Mom. It is amazing what you learn about rubbing a back just so, placing the bassinet further from your bed, etc. etc. The extra hands and lots of love made such difference. We miss everyone already and would love to book a flight for you all to come back. The next trip for Grandmama will be to Hawaii to see Island Auntie’s new born. Only one month until our next little niece arrives! Thank you all for a wonderful visit. Auntie, Thanks for sharing our little one on the blog.

  3. She is GORGEOUS!! I can’t even take how beautiful she is. So glad the trip was perfect. Island Auntie looks great herself:)

  4. Oh my goodness she is beautiful! Now new mommy is going to have to make one of these things to keep us up to date! Glad you were able to make it out there and had such a lovely time. Thanks for the birthday call, I hope I handled it decently.

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