cabin camping

This weekend we went camping for the first time as a family of three. We slept in a cabin, not a tent, which was a very good thing because there was (surprise!) a good amount of snow at our destination. The adorable one-room cabin had a roomy front porch and was furnished with a wood-burning stove, beds, a table and chairs. We went hiking, goofed around at the camp site, and on Saturday afternoon, the little guy and I went for a road trip to Williamstown, MA while the Cydermaker went fishing on his own.

We were surrounded by the beauty of nature all weekend long, but the only half decent shots I managed to capture were a series of photos of the kiddo chomping on the dregs of a bag of Doritos. In my defense, it was the most entertaining part of the trip. Can you tell that he enjoyed himself?

Yeah. Pretty disgusting. But kind of funny too.

Oh. And if you were hoping to find something crafty today, join the toy makers on their journey to Australia and fashion yourself a paper kangaroo or a dizzy koala.  Gotta love free paper toys!


6 thoughts on “cabin camping

  1. What a fun mess!!! I don’t think you were that far away from my neck of the woods when I looked at the park directions. I live near the Adirondacks. Most of our snow is gone, just spots where it is very shady.
    But you are brave to go any kind of camping at this time of the year!!!!

  2. Is that the zip up sweater I sent him:) He is SOOO CUTE and getting sOO BIG!! I can’t believe the snow.
    xoxo C

  3. I wonder where he learned to like Doritos? Too cute. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. See Alpine Auntie, if you moved home you could come slumber party with us!!!!!

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