progress report & local news

I’ve finished the sewing part of Adventure Auntie’s birthday gift and hope to finish the other (really fun) part this weekend. The photo below gives a peek at part one. Part two of the gift is inspiring me to make a slightly different version for our little guy. It’s turning out to be an excellent little project. I think Adventure Auntie is really going to dig it. Next up will be Mother’s Day gifts. I have ideas for both grandmas as well as the newest mom in the family. I think I may even try to make something for myself if I can squeeze it in.

I have also been working on a new pattern/tutorial for those crafty readers out there. I’ve reaped the benefits of the countless free tutorials that other bloggers offer and have been wanting to contribute something of my own. A recent post at Sew, Mama, Sew announcing a tutorial contest was the kick in the pants I needed. I’ve been wrestling a bit with Adobe Illustrator and am learning a lot along the way. A few more tweaks and the pattern/tutorial will be ready for its debut.

In local news, Phillabusta has moved back east–just in time for fishing season. It is great to have him back. (He’s the looker wearing glasses in the center of the above photo. Alpine Auntie is just in front of him and Island Auntie is the only one who isn’t facing front. My oldest brother is just behind Phillabusta.) Redhead Auntie is coming over this weekend for a sleepover and Roxy is going to come hang out with us too.

Oh, and that crazy Italian pastry fairy struck again today. (Thanks Grandmama!) Have I mentioned before how awesome it is to live within a twelve mile radius of all four grandparents? Indeed.


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