clever little cape























I made a clever little cape.  And guess what? You can make one too.




















Because I also made a “clever little cape” pattern and tutorial — just for you. Click on the link, print the pdf, and give it a whirl. Then put your clever little cape on a clever little person and watch them whirl. Fun. Fun. Fun.


















If you decide to make a cape and find that the instructions are difficult to follow, please be in touch and let me know. Also, I’d love to see what you come up with, so send links/photos of your capes or add it to the flickr group.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that this is a fairly small sized cape.  My son was not older than two years old when I developed the pattern.  Please feel free to add some length to the cape if you are making this for an older child.

OK. Once again, here is my “clever little cape” pattern and tutorial.


28 thoughts on “clever little cape

  1. We are the recipients of that clever little cape–and we LOVE it! Thanks so much, apple cyder. It was such a pick-me-up for all of us over here in Goose-ville. We love you! 🙂 Photos of Goose (and maybe the Geek and Alistair, too!) sporting the cape to come. XOXOXO

  2. It is so clever! I could imagine this in all sorts of colors and fabrics. One for every day and every kind of character a child could imagine. What about a princess cape or an evil queen cape… Great job on the tutorial too. I bookmarked it…I’m sure there is a little one out there that I could make this for.

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  4. I love coming here to gaze on your beautiful fabrics projects and sweet boy. It is like a trip to Etsy and babyville all in one–so relaxing.

    Which reminds me, I have a fabric errand to do for you, don’t I. I’ll check them out on my next walk that way.

  5. Oh so sweet, who knew super hero’s started so wee. Looks like yours is quite the little hero and a cute one at that!

    Great cape!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  6. My son turned 3 yesterday so about 2 weeks ago I started looking for cape patterns (he is VERY imaginative and I knew he’d enjoy a real cape vs. the blanket with a safety pin he’s been using). I just started searching the web for free patterns (limited in the $ department) and I found this cape, it’s much cuter than anything else I found so I printed and made it on Friday night – it’s darling, THANK YOU! As soon as it was tied on him he ran all the way around the park, arms properly outstretched. You can smile knowing that a little person out west is enjoying his very own ‘clever little cape’.

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  8. You lovely, lovely woman! You just made my life so much easier! I wanted to make the kiddies capes for Christmas presents- and here you are with instructions for me! I’m bookmarking your blog! -Becky H.

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  11. I love this pattern and the fabric you used. Do you mind sharing the name of it? This is the second time I’ve seen it used on a tutorial and can’t find it anywhere! Thanks!

  12. just made 15 of your adorable clever capes in purple and yellow for my son’s three year old Larry Boy Party at the end of this month – coupled with the Larry Boy plunger hats we made I’m going to have 15 clever caped Larry Boy’s running around my backyard having so much fun – thanks for your super cute and super easy pattern

  13. Maybe I am thinking too much, but after you have turned the cape inside out and sewn all around, do you sew over the ribbon so that it is secured to the cape or do you not sew over the openings where the ribbon comes out?

  14. Hi Summer, I guess you could do either, but I sew over the ribbon to secure it. I think my little guy would just pull the ribbon out and I’d hate to have to “restring” it. Thanks for asking! Molly

  15. This is absolutely wonderful. I have two to make before the end of October for almost 3 and almost 1 1/2. Thank you so much for generous pattern and pdf. Thank you mary (nana to Landon and Lily). They need to fly around a little. SMILE!

  16. Hi, I would love to make the cape, but when I click on pattern for it nothing happens. Is there anyway I can still get the pattern?

  17. Just made a clever little cape for my 3 year old to wear with her Super Martian Robot Girl Costume. Green satin cape with a green fleece lined collar. Super cute. Although the words “never again” come to mind when I think about sewing with satin!! That stuff is slickery!

  18. Hi! Thanks for the pattern! We are throwing a Princess Ball for my daughter’s 3rd birthday next month, and I wanted to make capes for the little boys coming. This will be perfect and efficient enough to make multiple capes that also look nice. Cannot wait to get started! Thanks again!

  19. I made this cape in pink and purple from an old sheet and some fabric I had for a 3 yr old girl that wanted “dress-up” clothes. I added some length and put fake fur around it and it came out really cute. I liked it so much I posted a picture on FB and it is getting positive comments. I also posted a link to your blog for it.

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