weekend in review

A very quick rundown of weekend highlights includes:

-watching our garden grow

-catching the little guy kissing the oven and then giggling hysterically afterwards

-visits from not one, but two, aunties

-a great outdoor dinner with two girlfriends (gourmet ice cream sandwiches included)

-a bonfire for the guys; a good long chat for the girls

-a visit from the BBQ (steak and ribs) fairy – thanks Grandpa!

-a fishing trip with friends for dad

-a long nap on the lawn with the little guy for mom.

Hope your weekend was great too.


3 thoughts on “weekend in review

  1. I can’t belive I didn’t know about your blog until today! Loooove it. You are amazingly talented with your quilts. I am blown away. And you do it with a small child in you midst which makes you even more amazing.

  2. Watching the garden and the flowers grow is a hobby of mine. Sometimes, in summer I put a quilt next to the garden and I stay there just looking (and smelling – love the smell of fresh plants and vegetables). It’s cool that you have a BBQ fairy 😉

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