nose to nose

The little guy took a trip to the zoo with Grandmama, my godmother, and two friends recently. My godmother took this shot. She’s taken many photos of my siblings and me over the years so its nice to see her continue the tradition with my kiddo. I am pretty sure she took these photos of my sisters in 1984.

Over the last few years, I completed three projects that involved digitizing tons of old family photos. Two projects, a cookbook for my mom and an album for my dad, used photos of my family; the other featured the Cydermaker’s family. It is great to have these files at my fingertips because I am able to create all sorts of little personal gifts and decorations using them. Christmas ornaments, note cards, advent calendars, cake toppers – you name it. I’d like to make those images more accessible to the rest of our family members because it is so much fun to browse through them. For now they sit idle on my hard-drive and backed-up on disc. I’ve added that task to the to-do list. Family members, stay tuned.

On the sewing project front, Mother’s Day gifts are coming along nicely. One down; two more to go. I am enjoying my new adventure in felting in particular because it has presented the opportunity to do some hand stitching — a great change of pace. I am also getting ever closer to completing my BFF’s baby quilt. Finally, two people (with great crafty blogs) asked about how I made Adventure Auntie’s charm bracelet, so I updated that post and explained the process. The sidebar now has a link.

In BIG family news, City Auntie has plans to move closer to home! We will miss our visits with her in New York, but are so thrilled that we will be able to see her more often around these parts. If anyone knows of anyone looking to hire a talented and hardworking newspaper layout editor/designer, I know of a lovely gal who is looking for a job in the Boston area.


5 thoughts on “nose to nose

  1. Gorgeous pic of the baby boy! And I’ve always loved those black and whites of new mommy…I forget her Auntie name:) & Island Auntie!!

  2. No problem– it was a simple enough cape that I’m not going to accuse you of stealing! For all I know, you made it differently anyway–it just looked very similar with the collar! And to give credit where it’s due, I didn’t do the embroidery– the friend who was giving the finished project as a gift got the pieces of fabric embroidered at a shop, and I just did the construction.

    I don’t mind if you link mine. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. oh, will you come to my house and organize my photos?? I’ve been contemplating a family cookbook project too. And I can’t wait to see your felted projects, with hand stitching – oh my! Thanks for the charm bracelet tutorial, I’ll add it to my long list of projects.

  4. Thanks for the how to on the bracelet. I’ve been wanting to do some shrinky dink type projects for a while and that’s just one more incentive. As for digitizing old family photos – that is very much on my to do list. Someday…

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