gone fishing

The little guy has been sleeping consistently until 6.30 am these days, so early morning blogging is quickly becoming a thing of the past. (Brilliant!) No offense to my little blog.  As much as I enjoy boring everyone with the details of my-so-called-life*, I enjoy sleep even more, so I am very happy about this recent turn of events.  Besides that, I don’t have much to say today, but I did want to share some images from the kiddo’s first fishing trip.

And here is a little hand stitching detail from my functional felt project.

*Did anyone ever watch My So-Called Life?  Loved that show and all its teen angst. 


3 thoughts on “gone fishing

  1. oh, i love your greys, and the hand stitching! and yes, i watched my so-called life, but a few years after it was on network tv. i think mtv did a marathon one weekend, and i was hooked. i loved that show!

  2. just dropping by to say “hi”!! intrigued by your felt pic…and you’ve given me yet another idea for the swap…must quit having ideas and just get to making!
    BTW, noticed your comment on jen’s blog, I’ve never been a purple fan much either, but loved “Harold and the Purple Crayon” so much (magic-crayon-provides-interesting-excitement/adventure-but brings-him-safely-back-home theme) so that’s what I went with…
    lovely pics of your little mancub too!

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