my sister and her calf

Alpine Auntie has a thing for cows.  They are her favorite animal.  I think she once said that she would like to receive a cow for a wedding gift.  Well, her wedding came and went and no cow.  But now she finally has one.  She got it for Mother’s Day.  Best looking cow I’ve ever seen. 

The cute is just killing me. That little pocket with that little stuffed cow friend inside!  How do I wish this little one could “graze” in my backyard every weekend.  Thank goodness she will be joining us for a summer vacation in a few months.  Otherwise, I think I’d go crazy.  I miss her.  And her mom and dad.  It stinks.  And I know I’m going to feel the same way once Island Auntie has her little one.  That big event will be happening in the next few weeks.  They live even further away.  Though the Cydermaker and I have pledged that we will make a trip to visit them in the next couple of years, so that helps.  But only a little.  ***Sigh.*** 

OK.  Enough of the “poor me.”  Thank goodness for digital photography and the internet.  Because I have these to make me smile and think about my sis and her dream-come-true.  Her sweet baby calf. 




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