napkin rings for a growing family

I sewed up a set of cloth napkins and napkin rings for my mom for Mother’s Day.   I made personalized napkin rings for Grandmama (my mom), each of her children (my siblings), their significant others, and the grandchildren.  I had to leave one napkin ring blank because there was a grandchild on the way.  (Horray for Island Baby!)  I also made a few extras that will be personalized in the future. I am pretty sure that this family has a few more weddings and births on the horizon.   

Grandmama chose the printed fabric at the store where this talented blogger works when we were visiting Alpine Auntie in Salt Lake City.  It is a Moda print.  When she selected this particular fabric, my first response was “Are you sure you don’t want something a little more springlike?”  She look at the fabric, then at me, and said with a smile, “This is what I like.”  She has a good eye, because the napkins are beautiful and will go with the decor in her dining room perfectly.  I matched the print with a coordinating Kona Cotton to make double-sided napkins.   I used the same solid fabric for the rings and used rubber stamps with fabric markers to print the names.  The napkin rings are reversible, so if Grandmama is entertaining friends, she can just flip them over to the blank side. 

OK–Now we just need everyone to fly home so that we can have one big family dinner. When is everyone free? 


5 thoughts on “napkin rings for a growing family

  1. Aren’t you a sweet daughter! Such a creative gal you are. I love Grandmama’s certainty too.
    And congratulations on your new neice. 5 lbs. – that is bity! My smallest was 8′ 12″. I can’t even imagine a baby that tiny.
    Of subject – have you visited Island Auntie in Hawaii? I’m planning our summer vacation to Kauai and seeking out insider info….

  2. I really love your napkins and your napkin rings…such a nice idea! I wanted to thank you for your great advice about my quilt. I got super busy at work so I didn’t have much time to do fun things…aka my quilt! I hope to finish it for June…picnic season 🙂 Have a great weekend xox

  3. Molly,

    Those are awesome. Please don’t let my mother see them or she is going to expect the same from me!


  4. These napkins are beautiful and so thoughtful. Can’t wait for photos of the newest member of our family 🙂

    love to all…

  5. These Napkins and napkin rings are more awesome than any one can imagine. I can’t tell you how touched I was with this gift. I Love to use cloth napkins all the time, but for them to really be efficient you need napkin rings so they are reusable. I am now well supplied……Also the Cydermaker gave me the start for my Strawberry patch right from his garden. So special.
    One lucky Grandmamama or G3 for short.

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