increasingly independent

It’s not always pretty, but the little guy is happily feeding himself these days. It’s a bit messier at mealtime, but we actually get to eat along with him (rather than feed him and watch our warm food go cold), so we’re cool with it. I love that Redhead Auntie caught him kicking off his shoe in the top photo. He does that at every meal so its great to have a shot of it.

I know, I know. It’s hard to contain yourself when you read all the exciting news that emanates from your computer screen when you check in with this blog. I bet you are just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to tell you all about our entrance into the grand era of potty training.


9 thoughts on “increasingly independent

  1. It’s okay, it is YOUR blog!Hey, I am a Grandmother, I can make your eyes glass over in under five minutes talking about the Grand-princesses!
    Kathy B.

  2. :), jeje, cómo no vamos a hablar de lo más importante de nuestras vidas 🙂
    Con nuetro niños de seis años recién cumplidos a veces es un calvario la comidad, empieza a protestar, no quiero esto, ay eso tiene una caca, esto tiene lo otro. La niña come genial, pero no se da levantado de la cama. Intento acostarla pronto, pero no siempre se duerme a la primera y eso que ha corrido, saltado, jugado… pero tampoco quiero que se hagan mayores tan rápidos. Bs

  3. I have noticed that kiddo watches for a reaction in all of his and your endeavors. You can see how he is studying you in all of your pictures. Buena suerte!

    The universal question about potty training — who is being trained? Adiós

  4. Such a serious looking boy! And that’s right, it’s your blog. (I sometime start questioning myself re: blogging and then have to remember that I started it for myself.) Oh, potty training. My advice, don’t sweat it, they’re ready when they’re ready. And really no one is handing out medals for beating the competition in potty training!

  5. Well, I gotta tell ya, you had me at “I take pictures of my small person”…no, I’m not a stalker, just someone whose biological clock is in overdrive and, until I create some small humans of my own, has to live vicariously through other people’s small humans…I think I happened your way via SouleMama, and I look forward to trying out your patterns and indulging in the eye candy that is your beautiful son. Thanks for blogging!

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