monkeys and kangas not included

This was my first try at making a handbag. It’s reversible and the brown ribbon serves as a closure.  I love how the top flares out slightly, though I think the next time I will try to make one a little more (isosceles) trapezoid-al in shape.  Yes, I looked that up

I love the size of this bag (6″h x 7″w).  It is just big enough to hold a small sketch book, wallet, change pouch, sunglasses, keys, and chapstick/lipstick etc. What is really nice is that I could make a whole bunch of variations using that neutral color on one side, and some of the louder prints in my stash on the other side.  One fat quarter of printed fabric (with heavy interfacing) will do the trick, and I have plenty of those lying around.  I plan to give this one away, but I will make myself something similar using this print

The fabric used in this bag was purchased at my favorite local fabric store on their home decor remnant table.  And that kangaroo duo and the monkey-with-a-monkey-on-his-back?  Those are fingerpuppets that Grammy picked up for me the little guy on a recent trip to New York City.  They were handmade in either Peru or Bolivia.  I can’t remember which country, but I love them.



11 thoughts on “monkeys and kangas not included

  1. es bonito bonito de verdad, me da a mi que debes de ser supercuriosa trabajando (curiosa en el sentido de cuidadosa, de hacer las cosas muy bien), no hay más que ver el resultado!

  2. Nice work sister. I am so excited to move and have some extra space to sew. The bag is simple and beautiful. Nice work!

  3. this is so gorgeous, i love the fabrics and that it’s reversible. i can’t believe it’s your first go at making a handbag, it’s perfect!!

  4. Love the bag, great job!! We’ll also have to add trim store to your NYC visit, they sell great wood handles:)

  5. As the lucky recipient of this bag, I can say first hand that it is even more adorable in person than on the screen. It’ll make a great little handbag for this summer. Thank you cyder family!

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