handbag with hippos

I promised myself an early bedtime tonight, so I have only about ten minutes to make good on that pledge. I made this handbag for my Godmother who celebrated a birthday recently by taking a bunch of us out to see the Boston Pops. Yeah, she’s a very nice lady. Plus she’s very fun and funny, and, hands down, is the best Godmom a girl could wish for, really.

I chose the animal fabric for two reasons: 1) she asked me where I bought it and 2) she has a thing for hippos. [Check out the hippo with the bird on its back in the photo below that shows a close-up of the fabric. I love those apple trees too!] The dimensions of the bag are based on the “Dotted Dream” pattern from Ottobre Design. I didn’t follow the pattern beyond the dimensions because I wanted this handbag to be reversible, have longer handles, and also wanted to use that little green ribbon as a closure.

OK. My ten minutes are up. Good night!


9 thoughts on “handbag with hippos

  1. It is a cute bag. And your my kind of girl – always messing about with a pattern. I never seem to be able to just follow a pattern exactly – oh no, I like to make things frustrating for myself. You seem to alter patterns with no problem!

  2. great bag. actually ALL your bags are super cool. mops brow. just read EVERY blogpost and despite the resident male saying it was a waste of a nap, i felt the speed read was worth every minute of the hour and a half.

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