handbag burnout

I am feeling lazy so this time I just used Photo Booth to take a few quick shots of my latest bag. The photos are junk, but you get the idea. The material is called fish cakes and I purchased it online from Fabric Tales. It may seem a little odd–those are cakes in the shape of fish–but I like it and this bag is for me, so that’s all that matters. It’s the same exact design as the hippo bag except the straps are a little shorter.

I love that the selvege has little fish shapes instead of dots to demonstrate the colorway, so I incorporated them into the handles. Here’s my attempt at showing you what that looks like. So Japanese cute, of course. P. S. As the title of this post indicates, I am suffering from a small case of handbag burnout, so I probably won’t be making these again for a while.


10 thoughts on “handbag burnout

  1. Love the little fish selvage. (how do you spell that word? aarrrg!) I’m hoping to make my first bag this summer. This one is cute! Any hints for a newbie?

  2. Wish my photography was that good. Will keep plugging away there. It is not uncommon to see ‘fish cakes’ during the latern festival in Chinese communities and in Japan they are usually made out of sweet potato with anko in the middle. (Having a Homer Simpson donut moment now…)

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