living room floor

As was the case in many parts of the country, it was hot as heck in our area this weekend.    On Saturday, after a morning trip to the beach, the little guy was having trouble napping in the heat.  So instead of fighting that battle, I put an old blanket on the living room floor, added a few pillows, and just sat there with my munchkin.  The Cydermaker turned on the baseball game and joined us on the blanket too.  And there we were, just being a family.  And you know what.  It was really nice. 

Both my husband and I can be real busy bodies when we are around the house.  Usually one of us is off tending to something else (the yard, garden, dishes, laundry etc.) while the other is playing with the kiddo.  Having all three of us sitting on that floor, with nothing else to do but “be” was truly great.  Sounds so basic, I know, but honestly, it just doesn’t happen that often.  There’s nothing like a heatwave to bring a family together! 

The photo was not taken this weekend.  It was too hot to drag around the camera.  It was taken on Memorial Day.  Grammy was sporting a spiffy patriotic ‘do-rag, and the little guy thought it was pretty funny. 


4 thoughts on “living room floor

  1. The Geek and I are just like you–with one entertaining Goose, while the other tries to get stuff done. But we love our “couch time,” when the three of us, plus our animals, gather on the couch and chat–and with a strict No TV rule. It’s the best! Glad you guys had fun. We all need more of that!

  2. Sometimes it is so nice to just slow down like that. This weekend was killer. then I made the mistake of trying to drive into school (I normally take the train) on Monday.

  3. We need to do more of that but the lure of exploring this island nation are too great. This weekend there are 2 parks we are planning to visit. One has a turtle museum and fab fish ponds (hem hem to the no feeding the fish rule. I have been saving stale bread all week…). The other is a not so far from home local sporty hot spot. Hanging out for both.

  4. So glad you had a “moment” with your family all together. I think it is awesome that you started blogging when your little guy is so young because you will treasure that you have these “moments” written down.

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