just in from hawaii

Nope. Not a pineapple or a mango. Something even sweeter. I have new photos of my new baby niece, now one month old. Island Mom and Dad sound great. They are just soaking up every minute of their precious little girl. I won’t get into how much I want to hold this little one and giver her kisses all over, but boy is she making Hawaii feel even further away than it did before. But no need to dwell on that; I know I’ll meet her someday. The thought of Island Mom and Dad (so proud to be donning those new titles) and how happy they sound when we talk on the phone keeps me smiling. And of course, these photos. Well, they say the rest. Again, sweet little Island Baby–welcome to the family! We love you so much.

P.S. I love that little number you are wearing in the last photo. Something tells me that either your Mom or Dad made that for you with lots of love.


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