Have I mention recently how great my kid is? One and a half is a really good time. There are a few things about him that I’ve been wanting to record, so I thought I’d jot them down here.

When he wakes up in the morning, our little guy sings sweetly and plays in his crib until it’s really time to come out, and then he calls for his ma-ma and da-da until one of us rolls out of bed and goes to his room to say good morning. I think the biggest reward for being the one to take the “early shift” is the bounding enthusiasm with which you are greeted when you walk into the kiddo’s bedroom. When I say bounding, I mean it, as he jumps up and down with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. And then when you pick him up and out of the crib, you are in for the biggest and best full-body hug you have ever received—two little pairs of skinny arms and legs wrapped tightly around your neck and torso. It really is one of the best feelings.

Bedtime is pretty great these days too. In fact, the other night (I swear I am not lying) the little guy read me a story for the first time. Granted the book is very basic and only really consists of the words “night-night” and a roaring, improvised “whoa!” But still, he said “night night” and “whoa!” at all the right times, and absolutely amazed his mom. After we read a few stories, he slinks off the twin bed, walks over to his crib and tries to pull himself up. It’s his way of saying, “OK, Mom. I am tired. Can you put me in here?.” And then he rubs his little face in his blankie, lets me cover him up, and says “night night” with that little smile that gets me every time.

His favorite foods lately have been strawberries picked from our garden and eggs from out neighbors’ chickens. He won’t touch strawberries that have been chilled from the refrigerator; he likes them garden-temp. But really, who doesn’t?
(Note the strawberry juice on his face in the photos.) And now he’s being a bit selective about eggs—he can distinguish fresh from store-bought. Smart little bugger.

He shoots hoops every morning with a basketball set that was given to him by a good friend, and plays wiffle ball pretty much every evening. We’ve been pool hopping at Papa’s house as well as at the homes of some other local friends, and his favorite part is jumping in. When he is swinging, he repeats the word “Mama” until I give him a big old underdog push. And while I run underneath that swing holding my gorgeous baby boy, I have to yell UNDERDOG! Nothing less will do.

Everyday lately has been so much fun. But slow down little man; it seems like it is going by so fast. You are starting to make me understand all those seasoned parents who say that having kids makes time pass really quickly.

This last photo was taken at a recent family party. My aunt and uncle have the most amazing swing set.


9 thoughts on “underdog

  1. He asks to go to bed?! Color me so very incredibly jealous!

    And, yes, enjoy every single moment. It’s a blast, and it goes by way, way too fast. 🙂

  2. How cute is that little face covered in mashed up strawberry. I’m with him on the sun-warm temperature. I don’t like many things at all straight from the fridge.
    That tree is a-ma-zing!! How many swings can you get on one branch? :o0 Incredible! It makes our postage stamp of a garden seem sooooo tiny. The joys of living on a little island like the UK ;o)

  3. How sweet! I’m looking forward to all of this with Moira – as it is, her smiles in the morning just melt me, I know that when she first reaches her arms out to me to be picked up my heart will just shatter into a a million pieces.

  4. Sweet post! And yes, the time will fly! There is a saying about being a parent something like this “some days will seem like years, and the years will seem like days” How delightful that you are capturing pieces of those days and years with your blog. You are adorable Mr. Medium Sized Beautiful Blue Eyes!

  5. Love the photos he looks so full of life and love the juicy chin! We miss swings here. Not many to be found so really appreciate that amazing swing set and the photos of your little guy in one. CT has a favourite book in Japanese that is peekaboo and she shouts boo at all the right places. Like you loving every minute of being with my little one too. Love the excuse of going to water parks and sliding down water slides, love climbing and clambering up and down play forts/structures and then sliding down slides. I don’t know where my days are going. Aren’t we lucky. 😀

  6. What a great summer you are going to have with him. You’re right, it is a perfect age. Though I haven’t sent back any age yet, so you’re on a good path so far!

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