About a month ago, I ventured down to the basement of my office building in search of a vending machine treat.  I put my dollar bill into the slot, pressed B7, watched the spring-like thing that was holding my bag of Sunchips rotate, and stood there feeling helpless as the bag dangled, unable to drop into the bottom of the machine where I would be able to fish it out.  Normally, I would chalk it up to bad luck, fork over another dollar, and secure that bag of chips–which I did.  But I also made note of the telephone number of the vending machine company and told my sad story to a very friendly customer service rep.  Two days later, I received the above note, with cash, in the mail.  Of course I felt pretty silly making that call, but for now lets just blame it on the raging pregnancy hormones.

So, yes, my goofy vending machine story was just a very long-winded segway leading to our big news that we are expecting number two in late January.  Horray!  We are very excited.  The only real side effect I have experienced with this pregnancy has been fatigue in the evening and a true aversion to sewing.  Lucky, the first trimester is behind me and I am feeling a lot better.  Fear not.  This blog won’t be turning into a “best-of-the-baby-junk” factory.  We’ve got all the gear we need, and plenty of tiny green and yellow hand-me-downs from baby number one.  Belly shots, however,  will make an occasional appearance– for my sisters in particular. 

We don’t plan to find out the gender of the baby, though I did catch Grammy referring to #2 as a girl the other day.  I realize the unknown drives some people nuts, but we like the element of surprise.  Plus, I won’t be as tempted to make things for the new baby and will be able to focus on my little guys “big boy” quilt which will be completed in time for his second birthday in December.  Thanks to a certain Ginger Monkey and Miss Tula Pink, I am thinking hexagons.  I have the fabric all picked out, and just have to learn a bit more about English paper piecing.  I feel like I may be getting in a little over my head with all the hand piecing, but I think I am going to like the process.  If anyone out there has any advice on the topic, please drop me a note.  I’d love to learn any tricks that speed things up.

We’ve been having a fun and busy summer, full of ice cream eating and pool hopping.  I was in LA recently for a work trip, and then we spent a wonderful long weekend in Maine.  I’ll post some photos from our Maine trip soon–there were lots of good ones.


14 thoughts on “squeaky

  1. Congratulations. A winter baby (in Australia it would be a summer baby. :D). I bet you have family falling over themselves to make quilts for the soon to be little cyder. Hugs to you and your family.

  2. Eek–I’ve been singled out as “some people.” Oh, well, I always appreciate any trackbacks to my blog! 🙂 Glad you’re feeling well.

  3. My first reaction would have been SHAKE and Whump-kick. Don’t think your reaction was hormonal at all!
    Congratulations on the Jauary arrival!!!

  4. Well, hello, I just thought I would drop in and see what’s new and LOOKY HERE! How very exciting! I picked a great day to visit. Congratulations on the exciting news. (We didn’t find out the genders, either, and looking back, I’m glad I didn’t, I might have needed to steady myself on the ultrasound tech knowing that it was going to be a boy-heavy family. Which is a great thing, of course. 🙂 Hope you can start sewing again soon!

  5. Very happy for all of you! We didn’t find out the gender with Moira and I’m not so sure we will again when/if we have a second one – I too like surprises.

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