making my day

Lots of people and little things have been making me smile lately.  Here’s the list:

-My BFF who recently asked me if I would be her new baby girl’s godmother.  I am so honored by this request.  She really cracked me up because she began the conversation with something like, “You don’t have to say yes, I won’t be offended, but….”  She is nuts!  I am so excited for this new role and am looking forward to the christening in October.   

-All the sweet baby-on-the-way well wishes from my last post.  Thanks so much.  It was fun to receive your little notes.  They make the idea of having another baby even more exciting (and real).

-A very kind woman who took the time to leave me a terribly thoughtful comment about the “clever cape” pattern.  I don’t believe she has a blog; I would link to her if she did.  The pattern is downloaded a few times everyday, put Stephanie was the first person to let me know that she made it for her son.  She sent photos too.  Here is what she said:  My son turned three yesterday so about two weeks ago I started looking for cape patterns (he is VERY imaginative and I knew he’d enjoy a real cape vs. the blanket with a safety pin he’s been using).  I just started searching the web for free patterns and I found this cape, it’s much cuter than anything else I found so I printed and made it on Friday night – it’s darling, THANK YOU! As soon as it was tied on him he ran all the way around the park, arms properly outstretched.  You can smile knowing that a little person out west is enjoying his very own ‘clever little cape’.”  Thanks Stephanie!  Your note and photos made me smile, for sure.  Your boy is a handsome little one.  Happy belated birthday to him.

-Grammy’s story about a co-worker of hers who made a shrinky dink bracelet using my tutorial and photos from her flower garden.  How cool is that?  I’m hoping Grammy will snag a photo one of these days when she gets a chance.

-A very close friend’s latest sewing project.  It is going to be amazing once it is finished.  I am dying to get a preview.  (You know who you are.  I will trade you a belly pic for a project-in-progress pic.)

-My kiddo’s “chicken arm” run.   The little guy bends one of his arms like a little chicken when he really gets going when he is running.  It is hilarious, and I was so glad to capture it with my camera. (Top photo.)

-A tiny bit of patchwork that has helped me get over my sewing blahs and has reminded me that quilts are really what I like to work on the most.


11 thoughts on “making my day

  1. I love reading happy lists. Your little guys run/ chicken arm thing is adorable- totally makes me smile.

    Love your little bit of patchwork. I like working on quilts best too 🙂

  2. molly,
    congratulations on your pregnancy!!! we are expecting our third daughter at the end of october. i know what you mean about it feeling “real”; it took us a few months to get there! 😉
    i can’t wait to try out your cape tutorial. around here, the girls use their play silks to create an assortment of accoutrements, but we really do need some proper capes. and patchwork…how can that not make someone smile?!
    thanks so much for popping by my brand-new little blog + leaving me such a sweet comment! 🙂

  3. Molly what a fab list of making you happy. I am saving your cape for Christmas and have a feeling that I won’t be making just one. I would love to see the little guy do his chicken run. CT flings her arms side to side as she runs. Can’t wait to see what all those squares become. 😀

  4. Could that be my sweet little boy? He’s grown so fast,it seems like yesterday that I was swaddling him and rocking him in my arms. But I’m not talking about my precious grandson with the chicken arm run.

    That’s my boy, a dad now, soon to turn 32 years old. And there he is taking on his new role as Daddy. He’s a great dad. He’s a great son. Happy Birthday, Cydermaker! Animal crackers and cocoa forever! Love, Mom XOX

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