from where i sit

Sometimes when our family goes on a road trip we take my husband’s pick-up truck in lieu of my four door hatchback.  The only time we really do this is when we need extra cargo space to lug a small fishing boat, for example.  The Cydermaker’s truck is a two-door/two-seater with a small area behind the front seats that has two smaller “seats” that pull down from the side of the vehicle.  Since there is no safe way to accommodate a car seat in the “jump seat” area, the little guy gets to sit up front with dad while I squeeze into the back area.

Most would think of this as a downgrade in seating arrangements for me, but the truth is that it makes for a much smoother ride.  Smoother in the sense that, while mom is certainly less comfortable than normal, the kiddo is waaaay happier because he has a front row view of all the action.  He oohs and ahhhs at the big trucks and is entertained the entire way.  I snapped these two shots while we were sitting in traffic on the way home from a weekend in Maine.  It won’t be long before we will probably have to trade the smaller pickup for a more family friendly one, so it was nice to get a few shots that will serve as a reminder of my time in the back seat.

P.S.  Family members:  My flickr account is updated, so if you’d like to see photos of the little guy in Maine and wherever else we visited in July, click in.  (I have to designate you as “family” or “friend” so that you can view all of the family photos.  Otherwise, only a few of the shots will show up. All of the crafty stuff is public.)


6 thoughts on “from where i sit

  1. I know where you’re coming from. We traded my hatchback with my parents minivan for the summer due to all the travel we’ve been doing. Although I never saw myself wanting a minivan I really like being able to sit in the 3rd row during the trips. Not to mention all of the extra space. I can keep the kids happy even feed them lunch without having to do a back bend over the front seat. Very nice.

  2. Well first of all Super Duper Congratulations on baby #2 news!! I go away for a week, and you spring the news….:). How exciting! Another little one to note endearing characteristics like chicken running!Glad to see you are over the sewing blahs too. Love the quilt and the picture of Mr. Medium Size Beautiful Blue Eyes in the truck mirror!

  3. I love the picture from the backseat! The little guy must love riding shotgun next to dad 🙂
    Thank you so much for the last blog comment and also the cake comment. I’m on a roll – just finished making my 3rd cake this wk! Lots of visitors, birthdays, etc. I think I would make a good innkeeper.

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