beep beep belt and boston mamas

I made these two belts the night before we left for vacation because the Little Guy’s trusty Gap belt was M.I.A.  The fabric is an adorable safari print from Japanese fabric store Fabric Tales.  I’m not sure how well double decker buses would do on an actual safari, but who needs reality!  They are darn cute.  The belts are made of cotton ribbing with two very sturdy D-rings.  My kiddo says “beep beep” whenever he sees the belt with the vehicles, so I call it his beep beep belt.  It’s so nice to make something that he a) likes and b) uses frequently.

And in case you are curious to learn a bit more about my little life, I was recently interviewed on a great blog called Boston Mamas.  It is an excellent resource for folks with kids who live in the Boston area.  A bloggy friend nominated me for this particular feature called Boston Mamas Rock.  Thanks for the shout-out Anna!  And if any of you Boston Mama readers are reading this and enjoy sewing/crafting, please say hello.  I am always looking for crafty collaborators in my area.  (I know so few…)


6 thoughts on “beep beep belt and boston mamas

  1. You’re famous! I’m friends with a celebrity! 🙂 Seriously, what a great interview! I’d want to be your friend if I wasn’t already!
    Love ya!

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