why this blog is called apple cyder

You may have already figured this out, because I tend to call my husband the Cydermaker in this space, but I will spell it out for you just in case. The reason why this blog is called Apple Cyder is because my husband presses his own apple cyder. There you have it. Mystery revealed.

The Cydermaker’s grandparents used to own a cyder mill in our mutual hometown (where we live now) and he worked there when he was young. The mill is gone, but my husband carries on the tradition, albeit in much smaller scale, during the fall and winter months in our backyard.

I gave him the cyder press for Christmas four years ago. I could not have come up with a more self-serving gift because the cyder that he makes is simply the best tasting ever.

Our little guy agrees. We let him have the inaugural mug of the season this year and he gulped down the whole thing in no time.

Isn’t fall the best?


11 thoughts on “why this blog is called apple cyder

  1. and he gulped down the whole thing in no time.

    especially tasty if it is served in an Aspen Institute Berlin mug…Molly, you still have that mug – I used to order them for the staff and special guests.

    If the Cyder Maker will ever try to make something stronger (and for adults only) than the cyder, let him try “Met” – honey beer. Honey, water, some home made apple juice, and special jeast (is that correct?) which can be ordered and several weeks patience. Recipies for Met can be found in the internet as well. A splendid drink, especially when mixed with some real beer (preferrably produced according to the old German beer making standards with simply natural ingredients).

    I liked the interview which you gave as Boston Mother and sewing specialist – you should actually also start a try on Viking pattern embroidering….

    Warm greetings from cool but sunny Berlin.

  2. I love this post! Yay Fall! Your Kiddo–we like to call him CyderKid–is just so darn gorgeous! Can’t wait to see him in person in two weeks. And can I put in a request for a cup of cider? 🙂
    XO to all of you!

  3. You are so lucky you live far away, because I think my boys would shove Mr. MSBBE out of the way to get at the cider – they love it that much! Great pictures! and Congrats on your Boston Mama interview!

  4. yum – fresh, homemade cider sounds delicious. my husband is a homebrewer, and my blog is a foothill home companion; he would like to write a feature entitled a foothill homebrew companion. maybe this will be the inspiration.

  5. Hi, I linked here from your interview on another blog while searching for info on my grandfather’s company, Herlihy Milk. Are we cousins? (Incidentally I also went to Tufts).

    If you have a moment, drop me a line. 🙂


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