cookbook + fabric bits + bird = giveaway

Here we are. That ubiquitous milestone. The 100th post. And this is the package of goods I will give away to one commenter to celebrate the occasion.

First up is a cookbook, made by me, that celebrates my mother and the wonderful contents of her recipe box. The photos are of my copy, which you can see is well loved and frequently used.  The chocolate cake recipe is my go-to cake for birthdays.  Can you tell?

The winner will receive a new copy, all 181 pages, replete with fantastic recipes and embarrassing family photos, packaged in a handy spiral binding that lays flat while you cook.

I love that photo of my eldest brother in lederhosen.  I wonder if I will torment my son in a similar fashion.  It’s likely.

My mom’s parents provide a handsome introduction to the dessert section.

I will also throw in a set of 5 inch fabric squares equal to a half yard of fabric, similar to the ones pictures below, if you like them.  Otherwise, the winner can let me know what they like, and I will try to get my fabric stash to cooperate.  This part of the giveaway was inspired by Juliette and her brilliant Spare Change Swap.  This is the kind of swap that I can handle.  No pressure to actually create anything.  All I had to do was stare at my fabric selection, pick out my favorites, cut them up into little squares, and ship them off.

And finally, in case you need something to do with those 5 inch squares, the winner will also receive a little birdie similar to the one pictured below made from the excellent pattern provided over at Spool Sewing. Do you need more convincing that making these birds is a good idea? Check this out.

So, just say a quick hello in the comments section and I will send these silly prizes off in a nice little package to one winner. Please don’t sweat it if you haven’t commented before and thanks so much for checking in on this little corner of the internet.

P.S.  I’ll ship internationally, so Olivia no seas timida! And Rebecca, don’t you be shy either!

UPDATE:  Contest closed.  #21 was the winner.  I will be in touch with Vanessa by email.


56 thoughts on “cookbook + fabric bits + bird = giveaway

  1. wow, that is such a great idea, the cookbook. I should totally do something like that for my mother in law, I can’t imagine the secret delights hidden among her recipes…neat.

  2. So I’m new in these parts but have recently added you to my bloglines. Congrats on getting to 100! I love the cook book idea, really special – did you make these for gifts?

  3. I think that is a wonderful idea! The book is great- I wish we knew some of my grandmother’s recipes. Unfortunately- I think she sort of made things up as she went along. I do know that she’d surprise my mother and her 2 sisters in the middle of the night with Entemann’s chocolate donuts & coke… perhaps I could do a dessert book! 🙂

  4. Molly, I love the fact that the cookbook has pics. I’m big on pictures. Very clever and I’m sure the chocolate cake is delicious! You must be craving chocolate right now. See you soon! I love your blog. Besos, Carolina

  5. Am I the first? The first never wins anything!!! Anyway, I love cookbooks and you can tell by my address I love fabric. And, I will be making those birds.
    Kathy B.

  6. Hi Molly,

    Internationally also includes Germany, doesn’t it? But the problem with American cooking and baking recipies quite often stems from certain ingredients which you cannot buy here or have to be replaced by similar products. But I bet you will receive so many comments from all your readers that all your nice gifts just have to be mailed into your neighbourhood.
    Yet, a very cute idea – hope all is well with you.

    Warm wishes from cool and rainy Berlin. Elke

  7. I love your craftiness! I have been getting your email updates for months and they always get my creative juices flowing. I actually broke down and asked for my first sewing machine for my b-day last February. I am a novice but want to get better so I can teach my almost 6 year old daughter all things crafty. Her b-day is in early November and I made fleece pom pom scarves as party favors for her girls. I used all scraps and felt very happy about my attempt. I hope to get better and better the more I try. Keep up the great work. You inspire me! PJB

  8. I love your blog. One of my favorite things you did was the tie dress a month or so back. I also think I will try and duplicate your countdown to christmas!!

    You are so talented.

    I NEED this cookbook (just ask my husband!)


  9. The little bird came out adorable. I can’t be entered into the contest b/c I already have the cookbook, but just wanted to say how truely talented you are. The cookbook is unbelievable. Everyone should have a sister like you to put the time into creating special family memoirs like the personal cookbook.

  10. Congrats on the 100th post!! The blog has been quite a delight to read. I know whomever scores the cookbook will be thrilled…the pumpkin soup is amazing and perfect for Thanksgiving!! Actually, the entire cookbook is phenomenal, but I may be biased considering my adorable face is all over it. 😉

    Can’t wait to see Halloween pics up here.

    Love you,
    Redhead auntie

  11. I just started a family recipe book project! Where did you print yours? I love adding family photos in I had planned on doing it in the front but never thought of doing it throughout… lovely! Love reading your blog!

  12. Oh my, what a package! That cookbook is amazing. It would be like winning someone’s family heirloom or something. And the fabrics are drool-worthy. I am now on my way, cup of coffee in hand, to brows the rest of your lovely blog!
    Oh, and congrats on the 100th post!

  13. Love the cookbook. I am always looking for tried and true recipes. Found your blog a few weeks ago and it has inspired me to be more crafty!

  14. I would love to see that cookbook of yours! I love other people’s tried and true recipes — you just KNOW they’re going to be good!

  15. I am very happy to say that I am the proud owner of one of these FAB cookbooks! And now that I am a wife, I can give some of these recipies a try:) I love your blog, congratulations on 100 creative, inspiring posts!

  16. so i popped by last night, saw your contest, but didn’t want to be the first to enter because the number one comment never wins (at least in my experience). i’ll put my wager on number 20 something! i love that cookbook 🙂 and aren’t the birds addictive? off to find the tie dress someone mentioned in a previous comment.

  17. As a fellow New Englander, and personal cookbook lover, this looks like a fantastic way to celebrate your 100 posts! Congratulations!

  18. Congrats on 100! I have been following you for several months and just love your posts. I think your brother may be more harmed by the word pork on his chest, rather than the lederhosen!

  19. Oh my gosh! Great giveaway. I would cherish the family recipes! And the fabric and the bird all to one lucky winner. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed

  20. Well why not! I’ve not visited before – popped over from other blog. But I’ll put my name in the hat. That cookbook looks fantastic! That would be an excellent Christmas idea. :o)

  21. wow! i love your cookbook! we had one like it when i was a child but with all the moving house we’ve done it seems to have gone missing. Next time I’m at my grandmothers house I plan on stealing her recipe box away and copying it 🙂

  22. What a great idea the cookbook is..can I borrow it for my family xmas present? I have all my momma’s recipes just begging to be shared. Love your site and miss New England so much, lucky to be stationed there for 3 glorious years. Congrats on 100 !

  23. The family cookbook is something I’ve been thinking about, too, and I LOVE your concept! Oh, and I have a bird fetish, too, so hook me up, please!

  24. Cool- I love recipes that families have that are “real recipes”- you know, the kind that you put all that work into and the food comes out yum! Love your blog! Love the fabric squares- what’s not to like? Happy 100th post!!

  25. That is the best kind of cookbook! One where all of the recipes are there because they are a family favorite. Like the bird too, cute!

  26. What wonderful prizes, you are being so generous!
    Please enter me and congrats.
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  27. Wowie,
    I have a feeling a cookbook might be under the tree this Christmas with MY wacky family photos in it! What a great idea.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. I just adore your cookbook idea. My mama, who is almost 79 years young is the best cook in the world! haha Seriously…she collects cookbooks and recipes and writes notes on each one she tries as to weather it is delicious, very good or puts different ingredients to try with one. I love to read her notations. I keep wanting her to do this for her four daughters but maybe I will do it for her…
    she is a great mama…

  29. Having received a copy of this cookbook as a gift, I can attest to it’s unique assemblage of recipes and am honored to have discovered one of my recipes included in the group! It contains many photos and recipes of family and friends and will serve as a welcome addition to the winner’s cookbook collection. At around 180 pages it is most comprehensive and applecyder did a wonderful job of assembling and publishing what will surely be a family heirloom. It may inspire me to revamp a family cookbook I “typed” for relatives years ago!

    Congratulations on your 100th post !

  30. I have checked out your website thoroughly in the past and enjoy coming here every few days to see what’s new. I’ve marveled at your talents and all the charming projects you are doing. But shouldn’t WE be sending you gifts for your 100 generous & sharing posts!???
    The bird is adorable and very similar to a lovely old quilt I rescued from Ebay a few years ago. And the recipe book? Wonderful beyond words! Thanks again for sharing your talents – I look forward to more posts.

  31. Ay por Dios, voy dejando las cosas para leer más tarde y me encuentro con maravillosas sorpresas como ésta, quizás es demasiado tarde pero muchísimas gracias por el ofrecimiento. He tenido tanto trabajo y algún encargo que ya sabes qué cosa fui dejando para más tarde, aún acabé unas pulseras (un encargo de septiembre el otro día mira la foto ), pensé en que los niños crecen pero aún son bebés durante unos meses, por eso lo fui dejando pasar, pero no te creas que me he olvidado, de verdad que no me he olvidado, siempre cumplo, otra cosa es el tiempo que me lleva. Un saludo. Precioso lindo panda, para comerlo a besitos.

  32. To answer your question, my super-patient husband assembled the mobile and attached the birds using a pretty heavy gauge wire and threading it through the birds’ bodies (sorry, birds!) and wrapping it tightly around the branches so they didn’t slip around.

  33. Thanks so much for entering me, you’re awesome and this is such a fab idea that win or not I might have to start compiling our own family cookbook for Christmas gifts next year. And Hugs on 100 posts!

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