Halloween was a great fun. First stop was Grandmama’s where we were greeted by a live scarecrow. Grandmama was nowhere to be found, but the scarecrow was very welcoming and gave our panda a special little Halloween package of treats. Then we went to Grammy and Grandpa’s to pick up the Little Panda’s sidekick, Kungfu Panda, also known as Adventure Auntie.

The Little Guy was intrigued by Kungfu Panda’s black nose.

We set out to trick-or-treat around the block, stopping at jack-o-lantern’s on the way so that our Little Panda could feed them candy. He came up with that idea all by himself. Clever little bear.

Our Little Panda loved everything about the whole evening. He wouldn’t let us skip a house and insisted on carrying his bucket of treats, which was filled to the brim, all on his own. When we got home, he dumped his loot on the floor and played with it. Then he figured out what was inside those shiny packages and had a taste. Four M&M’s and a half a Hershey’s miniature later, we had ourselves one satisfied little trick-or-treater.

The Cydermaker and I had a blast, too. Hope your holiday was as fun as ours!

P.S. I did make his costume. It is made of fleece; I didn’t use a pattern. It has its share of raw edges and goof ups, but it’s just a costume so that was just fine with me. The detached hood and paws (which I forgot to have him wear) were based on this excellent pattern. Oh, and here he is last year as a monkey:


9 thoughts on “pandamonium

  1. What an adorable little panda! I bet he can’t wait to take his little bro or sis trick or treating next year!!!

    Auntie will be over soon to help you with the candy you don’t want šŸ˜‰

  2. So darn cute! Four M&M’s and half a miniature hersheys?? Either that boy has great self control or mom and dad cyder stepped in. Perhaps it’s the latter, all so there would be more left after MR. MSBBE went to bed!
    I loved making Halloween costumes for the boys, because it didn’t have to be perfect and great results could be had with a little fabric, some safety pins and sometimes even tape.

  3. Hmmm don’t know what happened to the last comment I thought I left…. Oh well. I LOVE that costume. Wow love that winged project. I find the winged ones are the best. Man he looks like he had a ton of fun. Keep fingers crossed that we end up in Tokyo and not Perth Australia (loathe that town… but if that is where work takes us….) because there is a HUGE Halloween movement with Expats. Man I could have a ton of fun. Why does Australia have to be so behind on what looks like such a fun holiday?? Your little man looks cute and what about that smile?? I’m melting here (and it’s not from the weather).

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