This shirt was part of a birthday gift for a five year old boy who loves all things related to construction.  It’s a copy of his original drawing of a truck, transferred using freezer paper and fabric paint.   I wish I had taken a photo of the original drawing, but no such luck.  This is a random thought, but I am realizing just now that I chose my college school colors.  (Go Jumbos!)  I can’t wait until I can do this project with my little one.  Right now, his drawings are a tad too, shall we say, abstract.

Inspiration for this particular project came from here.  I wrote a previous post that explains how I do freezer paper stenciling and you can find it here.


10 thoughts on “‘struction

  1. Hi Molly,

    that looks pretty nice, indeed. Also the autumn leaves. Klaus just made a very decorative picture for our bath room wall using autumn leaves which he put in a nice pattern behind a glass cover.
    I have a question: my Outlook address book gives me at least 3 different e-mail addresses for your name. Could you pls. let me have the correct ones ?
    Recently I tried to Google a “Wäschebeutel” (Laundry bag) and I came across the following address:


    Try it – there is also an English version. It might be interesting for you.

    Warm wishes, Elke

  2. Wow, what a great drawing and love that you used the artiste’s original in creating his gift. Can see why you lean towards your school’s colours. They do it for me too. 😀

  3. It does look awesome! Quick question – is freezer paper the same thing as wax paper. I can’t find freezer paper anywhere around here. And one other quick question – what is a jumbo???

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