good intentions

I had this brilliant idea to get our Christmas card picture all wrapped up while we were on vacation this summer on Cape Cod.  My plan was to “dress up” the Little Guy in his Christmas pajamas, let him run loose on the beach in the morning, and snap away.  I like to have a front and a back to our Christmas card, so I needed a shot of his face and his back.  Morning is normally his most chipper time, so I thought this would be a easy.  No such luck.  He woke up very grumpy that day, and I never got that perfect shot.  So, just for fun, I thought I’d show you bits of the beach photo shoot that will not grace our Christmas card this year.  And in the meantime, will blather about a few things that have been on my mind.

Actually, I like this one and would have used it for the back of the card.

A few words about my favorite little guy who is almost two.  I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but I feel like he is maturing.  We haven’t had many pre-dinner meltdowns lately, and in the morning he can wait the five minutes that it takes to make oatmeal rather than freak out and demand cold cereal.  Our Little Guy has made a fairly smooth transition to sleeping in his “big boy” bed.  His favorite words lately are “home”, “wee wee” (his nickname for a beloved auntie), and “baby no!”–which I translate to mean “that baby that is still in your belly cannot touch my [train, truck, doggie] when s/he comes out!”  Yeah, pretty awesome.  A sign of good things to come, for sure. Almost every evening he requests that we turn on the radio in the kitchen and have a family dance party.  Two years old is a very good time!

His second birthday party is less than two weeks away, so I am putting aside some of the Christmas crafting to focus on that.  If anyone has any good ideas for a simple craft or activity that can be done with 4 two-year-olds, I’d love to hear your ideas.  I know what I am doing for the goodie bags and that will involve some crafting.  The cake will be pretty simple–a train theme–since choo choos are his most favorite thing ever these days.

On the Christmas crafting front, I am making good progress.  I am dying to post some pictures of three special little gifts that my mom (Grandmama) and I worked on together, but I can’t because the mom’s of the recipients check in with this blog all too frequently.  I have made some things that I can post before Christmas and will do that soon.  Just have to get around to taking photos.

I have been having a lot of fun trying to sew things that I have never tried before.  I keep wanting to add to my list, but I really have to curb that inclination.  I’m not getting stressed out about my to-do list and am just enjoying the process.  I figure I could always give some late gifts if I don’t finish.  I have the week after Christmas off from work so there will be plenty of time for sewing during naps.

Yeah.  So.  I definitely have to get back to work on that Christmas card.  Plan B is to take a close up of his (hopefully smiling) face so that I don’t have to worry about the outfit.  Will let you know how that works out.  And if I get stuck, I will definitely take Anna up on her offer to help.


12 thoughts on “good intentions

  1. It was a great idea. I love the back-view photo! 🙂 So cute. I had to bribe my 2 year-old today to model some reconned hoodies I made so I could photograph them. The promise: candy.

  2. Hi Molly,

    Here is a simple birthday game. I do not know whether it is already suitable for 2year olds, I think it is rather meant for toddlers aged 3 and up but you may take it into consideration. It is called “Hit the pot”. Have some small presents or sweets, enough for each member of the party. Have a metal cooking pot and a cooking spoon and a scarf ready. Blind one of the children with the scarf and give him the big cooking spoon. Have another child turn him around several times so he looses direction. Simultaneously another child will place the pot covering the gift or cookie somewhere in the room. Another child will pound on the pot so that the searching child can hear the direction. Then the searching child has to crawl on the floor pounding with the spoon on the ground while the other children give comments with “hot” or “cold”, this way indicating whether the child is approaching the pot or crawling into the wrong direction. As soon as it has found the pot by pounding on it, the child may take the scarf off his eyes and keep the present from underneath the pot. Then the game will be continued with the next child. If children are still a little small (in age), the adult game leader should help a little thus avoiding that the game lasts too long and the children loose patience.

    If this still sounds too difficult, keep it in mind and try it at the 3rd birthday and onwards.

    Have fun. Warm winter wishes, Elke

  3. Fred just provided me with a special Christmas moment. The memories that flew through my head were too many to count. Having five children to arrange for the perfect shot , you have no idea. Once they’re old enough, you can hold the car keys, gets them into the Christmas Spirit!! Some of you know my kids so you know what I’m talking about. If I only knew , I would have sent out some of the first shots, they would have been enjoyed by all.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh yes, the best laid plans…..
    They are really cute though, and the one of his back needs to go on the card for sure!
    Joining in with you on that inclination of less is more. I want to absorb the season, and my family, and having been doing a very good job of that lately.
    Looking forward to when you can reveal what you have been up to.

  5. What a cute little Christmas card it will be, he is such a darling. Crafts for 2 year olds is a tough one but I know fingerpainting always went down really well with my nieces, although it can get a little messy.

  6. Wish I could say I was on track with what I want to create versus what I have been doing. Been making stuff for magic acts, instead of for my people but the money helps pay for my sanity.

    Seeing you are going with a train theme for the little guy’s birthday party, have you though of making Thomas the Tank Engine door hangers?? I could email you a template I have. Kids could decorate with tissue paper (then they can decide if they will roll paper into a ball or in one heaped mess, ala CT). Let me know if you are interested.

    The cranky shot would make a good bah humbug Christmas card. And the last front shoot could be a omg is it Christmas again?? Kind of thing. Funny you should post about maturing etc about the little guy, I have been thinking similar things about CT as well. You beat me to another post. 😀

  7. my kids have always enjoyed a glue stick and paper…i cute out all sorts of things….images from magazines, junk mail, old cards….you get the idea. they like creating collages. and we make jokes about them. 🙂

  8. I love these, too! I’m a sucker for the outtakes.
    And I also have a front and back to ours each year–can’t wait to see yours! (Uh, and mine–if I ever get going on them!)

    Love the hungry palette birds, too!

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