again with the birds

I guess I just really, really like them and enjoy making them. This is just a small representation of the embarrassingly large flock I have sitting on the hutch in our living room. The first time Grammy saw the pile, she made a joke about how I truly must be in the nesting stage of my pregnancy. Pattern is from Spool Sewing. The fabric is from an independent shop in Connecticut called Hungry Palette.


7 thoughts on “again with the birds

  1. yes, the birds are addictive. i sat down and made three yesterday. i mile everytime i stuff them, and think to myself, “i have my finger up a bird’s bottom right now”. silly, yes, but it makes me giggle.

  2. What a beautiful flock, and I’m cracking up at Molly giggling over stuffing the bird’s bottom! And now every time you do it you are going to be giggling too, because it’s in your head now!

  3. I clicked over from Anna’s blog and I’m so glad I did. So much inspiration here! Including the gentle push I needed to make a bird or two. I first saw them ages ago and had tucked the idea away for later. Now, I think they may find their way into all of my family members’ stockings!

    I’m also glad I read through your archives and found the link to your favorite fabric store, which is an easy drive for me. If there’s one thing MA is lacking, it’s fabric stores. I’m excited to explore!

  4. son realmente lindísimos. Pues gracias por tus palabras Molly, la verdad es que mi inlgés es pésimo y pensaba que serías madre de nuevo en septiembre a mediados… por lo que unos patucos ya no me convencía y estaba pensando en un muñeco, No sé tú pero estas fechas me vuelven loca y eso que ya llevo un mes dándole vueltas a mi cabeza. Yo siempre cumplo, aunque tarde.
    a mi también me gusta coser pero sólo tengo una vieja Singer de mi suegra y por el momento no está en casa, no sabes lo que tardo en hacer un acerico (pincushion)!! porque coso cuatro trozos de tela a mano, , hice varios pero aún haré más, unos para vender y otros para regalar, algunos viajarán lejos… bs

  5. Towards the end of my pregnancy- I was making a couple of these a day too! They’re easy, relaxing and lovely.
    I’m using them to decorate my holiday packages and then they each get an ornament to boot!

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