Last weekend, we had a small birthday party for our little guy with family and a handful of his wee pals at our home.

It was a simple affair. Chicken pot pie for dinner and chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. We did a little crafting–the kids decorated shrinky dinks, which are still waiting to be shrunk. Mostly though, they just played and danced and batted balloons around the dining room, laughing all the while.

Originally I had planned to bake some sugar cookies and let the kids frost and sprinkle them. But then I considered the mess, and decided that shrinky dinks would be more manageable. For the goodie bags, I kept with the cookie baking theme. I made little aprons and stuffed them in a bag with some cookie cutters and sprinkles. The aprons were based on this pattern.  The ticking fabric was supposed to become a tree skirt, but I just couldn’t get those little red and white striped aprons out of my head.  Our tree goes naked for one more year. Such is life.

This weekend, our little family of three will celebrate the “real” birthday with lunch and Italian pastry in Boston’s North End. It will be a nice, quiet way to celebrate the fantastic first two years of the life of our sweet little boy.


13 thoughts on “two!

  1. Hola! What a great time we had and the kids loved the cake! They are looking forward to making cookies and wearing their new aprons. Muchas gracias!

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday “Little Guy” ! I love the aprons! What a cute idea. And if you get around to the sugar cookies, I have a great recipe on my blog. It is from a greeting card sent to “margaret in the middle” many years ago by her grandmother. Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Looks like everything went perfectly. Shrinky dinks are a great idea, I’ve often thought about doing them as a craft activity with my nieces. Hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  4. que lindos,
    mis niños están de vacaciones y ahora si que no encuentro demasiado tiempo excepto para hacer cosas con ellos, pintar, preparar meriendas.
    preciosos delantales.
    Mañana es la gran noche y ya estoy tan hiperactiva, por favor que me cundan los minutos, jeje, un beso, una feliz noche y buenos regalitos de Santa, fuiste buena, verdad?

  5. Happy, happy birthday Mr. MSBBE!! How fun to be two, I never thought it was the terrible two’s. More like the terrific two’s! Enjoy that magical age. Love your aprons, and your wise and realistic expectations for the party!

  6. Happy Birthday Master Apple Cyder!!! What a happy looking guy, a fun sounding party and omg, I am in love with those aprons. 😀 Hope you had a very Happy Christmas and good luck with the count down to baby number 2!! 😀

  7. Happy birthday little guy…looks like a fantastic celebration, just right for two.

    And two is LOVELY until at least two and a half. Speaking as the mother of a two and a half year old.

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