handmade parade – part two – the rest of the homemade haul

Cookies for family and friends. Boxes and recipes all from Martha Stewart. Jackie sold me on the boxes. Cute labels for candied citrus peels found here. Thank goodness for talented, crafty bloggers. They make you look so much more clever than you really are.

A quilt for my brother, with a matching apron for his girlfriend. Didn’t get a good photo of the whole quilt. Or the apron. But the quilt was simple and striped using Joelle Hoverson’s Cake, Rock, Beach for Moda. Inspired by a quilt I saw in the boys section of Pottern Barn Kids.

Three Wee Wonderful dolls from the Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern. These were a collaboration with Grandmama. By collaboration, I mean that she did most of the work and I did lots of cheerleading. The one pictured above galloped off to Tampa with my beautiful goddaughter. I actually did everything on this one except cut the fabric and sew the shirt. I was terrified to embroider the face, but I had a good coach. The next two are really a product of my mom’s handicraft. She even came up with alternate hairstyles – they were not part of the pattern.


This little sewista was sent off to Hawaii for Island Baby.


And this little smartie read that stack of books before hitting the slopes in Park City with Alpine Baby.

An apron for City Auntie, who was engaged to the nicest guy on Christmas morning. WHOO HOO! The apron is one big pocket (peg apron?) and was made with linen plus cotton patchwork. Did I mention that I was asked to be in the wedding? SO HONORED AND EXCITED! CONGRATS CITY AUNTIE!

Two little doodle pad holder things for two little doodlers. Thanks Ayama for the leaf fabric. (Told you I’d use it.) I did take notes on the dimensions of the pattern pieces, so if anyone is interested, let me know and I will post them.

That’s it folks. Christmas 2008. Phew! Next project = new baby. Will let you know how that goes. Could be any day now….


13 thoughts on “handmade parade – part two – the rest of the homemade haul

  1. yeah, wow! everything is beautiful. i sooooo wish i was related to you! i’m the only crafty girl in my family, so i didn’t get any handmade goodness. maybe you could adopt me. :]

    good luck with the upcoming arrival!

  2. Everything turned out great! Love the dolls – and 3 of them! I’ll have to post the one my mom did as soon as I find some camera time. And if your not too busy with a new little bundle of joy in your arms I think you should at least post the dimensions, if not a little tutorial, on your doodle pad holders.

  3. Hi,
    I would love the dimensions of your doodle pad. I have made a version of this for a nephew and am going to make another one. I’d like to see how close mine is to yours and If I need to change anything. Wasn’t completely happy with mine last time!

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