for prosperity’s sake

This is likely the last photo this blog will see of our Little Guy as an only child.  And yes,  I will likely be prompted to come up with a new, ingenious nickname for him.

Christmas morning 2008.  The year that Thomas (pronounced “hummus”) the Tank Engine and his numerous friends took over our home.  Cheers!


6 thoughts on “for prosperity’s sake

  1. Does this mean you are in labour? I have been neglegent in my blog reading! Good luck if you are! And your little boy looks so grown up in that photo. I need to go read through your blog and play catch-up now.

  2. good luck with the up coming birth. hoping all goes well and that the transition to a two children family goes well. hope the little guy is enthusiastic over a playmate rather than jealous. i love baby watch count downs. 😀

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