to give and to receive

When you make your own gifts, one of the best feelings is knowing that the recipient truly appreciates the handmade item that you gave them.  This Christmas, one of the best moments for me was when my brother’s girlfriend opened up the apron I made her, put it on immediately, exclaimed, “now I feel like I belong in the kitchen,” and ran back to the stove to fetch the delicious mussels that she was serving as an appetizer.  Such a nice reaction.

The only thing that is better than giving a well-appreciated gift is receiving something handmade for yourself.  Here is where Alpine Auntie comes in.   From the moment she picked our family when we divvied up the gift giving over the summer, I thought – I hope she makes us a quilt.

Well, she did.  And I love it.  And each family member has had a turn napping with it on the couch.  So, so pretty!  When I put it away every evening in the basket that sits on the floor in the living room, it is always carefully folded and placed on top.  So that I can catch glimpses of it when I walk by.  It makes me smile.

Of course, I have inspected her handiwork and am so impressed.  I think I need a lesson from her on hand-binding.  Her blind stitching is impeccable.  The funny thing is, I think I may have taught her how to blind stitch.  She’s certainly perfected the art.

Thank you Alpine Auntie.  As you know, this beautiful quilt is already much loved in our little home.  We couldn’t have received a sweeter, more thoughtful gift.

The last image is of the quilt all folded up with two special gifts I received from City Auntie and Grammy.  The stack of Amy Butler August Fields fabric is destined to become a new spring bag, just for me.  Wow, is it gorgeous and has such a nice weight.  The pincushion, which was  handmade in Guatemala and purchased free-trade, now brightens up all of my little sewing endeavors.  I plan to buy a whole lot of gorgeous linen very soon with a gift card that Adventure Auntie gave me to a wonderful fabric store.  And Grandmama tells me I just may become the owner of a red and white ticking skirt that I was hoping to have made for our Christmas tree.  I guess it pays to have a blog.  ( Ha ha.)  You end up receiving the most perfect gifts!


8 thoughts on “to give and to receive

  1. We received two quilted blankets for our toddlers years ago, and it has spawned my obsession with quilting recently. It is such a lovely gift that you received. And obviously everyone feels the love that was put into making it.

  2. What a wonderful job Alpine Auntie did on the quilt. Such pretty colors. You are a lucky sister ! Grandmama (or is it Grammy) must be very proud of her crafting daughters…clearly the gene was passed on to the next generation! And best of luck on the impending birth !!

  3. amazing quilt, i am so jealous! while i love making hand-made gifts, and love giving them, i’m going to sound grinchy and say i’m about done. the holidays were disappointing this year, with lots of things leaving my hands, and my hands, well, remained empty. there are a few special people that showed appreciation, so they’ll stay on the list. the rest? lumps of coal! :]

  4. Hi Molly,

    Pls. tell your brother’s girl friend, that even if she wears an apron, she should never feel that she “belongs” into the kitchen, but rather that the nice apron will protect her clothes if she has fun in cooking (preferrably together with her boy friend, by husband Klaus and I mostly do our cooking job together, it is much more fun and he is good in doing all the work in connection with our sharp knives). A woman should never ever again (like in ancient times) feel that she “belongs” into the kitchen.

    Hope, you do not mind this comment from an elderly Viking Woman.

    Warm wishes from cold Berlin.

    Best, Elke

    (When will babe No. 2 come?)

  5. Perfect gifts indeed. And that quilt looks so much like you that I thought at first it was a quilt you had made. Beautiful, everything!
    And Jen, you know me, I’m always late in getting anything done – please don’t put me on the lump of coal list!!

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