i actually finished sewing something

A very small something.  And it took me two days to complete.  And it’s just a simple 12.5″ quilt block.  But I finished it.  And it makes me happy.  

Thanks to Jacquie and her Project Improv for the inspiration.  I am not normally one to create something that isn’t carefully planned out in advance, so this was a challenge.  My little block will join others on a pink and orange quilt that will be donated to charity.  I think Jacquie has over 150 quilters working on this project, so you can imagine the amount of work she has cut out for herself.  Generous indeed.  

Back on the home-front, all is well.  Thanks to everyone who sent such nice well-wishes after my last two posts.  The baby is doing great and her big brother is very sweet to her.    He calls her “Soupy” which is kind of close to her actual name.  The little voice he uses when he calls her is just precious.  He is desperate for her to sleep in his room with him and wants to give her all his stuffed animals every evening before bedtime.  He has even offered her his special “Doggie,” though we all know he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he wasn’t snuggling with that poor ragged pup.  

Alpine Auntie and Alpine Baby came for a wonderful visit over Valentine’s Day weekend.  Lots of time for two toddling cousins to play and for an Auntie to hold a new baby.  One of the nicest moments was visiting with my godmother’s mother.  Here is what 90 years plus three weeks looks like:


And here is what three cousins squished into the back of a Subaru Outback Impreza looks like:

Good times!


14 thoughts on “i actually finished sewing something

  1. Oh my gosh – this is one of my favorite quilt improv blocks! It reminds of a Gee’s Bend piece! So glad that Mr. MSBBE and “Soupy” are doing so wonderfully. What a sweet boy to be looking out for his little sis, and to be willing to part with doggie.

  2. lovely amazing quilt block, super great cousin/siblings car seat shot and oh man, the pic with the godmother’s mother almost brought me to tears. How special for all of you. Thanks for sharing!

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