not everyone loves a photoshoot

But sometimes screaming baby photos are just as cute as the smiley ones. Especially when the baby is bundled in a gown that was handmade with love by her Grandmama.  And wrapped in a blanket made by a friend from my work.  Lucky kid!

When I opened the gown, I really did not think it was homemade.  I asked my mom a couple of days later and she told me that she made it herself.  I hope to one day develop the patience and skill to embroider little details like this sweet lamb and include them in my gifts, but until that day arrives, I will leave all the super cute stuff to my mom.  She’s great at it.  Thanks Grandmama!

The handmade gift giving was extended to the big brother.  Smoothpebble sent this adorable little camo pouch to him complete with an ice cream truck that fits his Thomas the Tank Engine tracks.  Now the trains on the Island of Sodor no longer go without dessert.  Phew! Thanks so much , Jackie.  He loves his new truck and his mom has sort of hijacked the pouch for her purse.  (And that outfit you sent with the elephant print is perfect in so many ways.)


8 thoughts on “not everyone loves a photoshoot

  1. Is Kiddo’s sister’s name “Apple” — as it is in “…of my eye” or “…does not fall far from the tree”?

  2. So sweet! Love the sleeper too! Very thoughtful gift.
    Hope everything is going smoothly and you are getting into a schedule! I think it didn’t get easier until our kids reached the 12 week mark. I felt like all I did was nurse, change diapers, change clothing, repeat!

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