blogs can be so misleading

I finally got my terrific twosome in a photo together.  They look so darn SERENE in this photo.  Have no fear. Minutes later, she spit up all over him.  He screamed  “PUKE!” directly in her left ear and proceeded to let go of her.  She survived, but the photoshoot was over.  

Thanks VERY MUCH for taking the time to vote for Island Auntie’s proposal.  The top dog is putting up a good fight, but my little sister is close behind in second place.  If you have another vote in you, please feel free to have another click. I failed to mention that folks are able to vote once a day until the voting closes on March 31.   And if you are a family member, you’d better be going back to that site each and every day to vote, or the next time we see you, I’ll get my little girl to puke on you too.

Happy St. Pat’s to you.  Hope everyone is having a great week!


11 thoughts on “blogs can be so misleading

  1. Don’t all parents know what it took to get your great shot of the kids together!!! Thanks for the update and you can be sure there’s two votes a day coming from our house. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone in your house.

  2. So funny. All the years Mom would make a family photo a priority and we would just have the hardest time “rounding up the troops” to get it done. I love the picture! I vote every day! No puke for me! Happy ST. Patty’s!!

  3. Sweet photo of your kiddos. 😉 Blogs and photos can be very misleading but to get one sweet one before the puke is priceless. Oh I meant to ask can non-Americans vote for Island Auntie??

  4. Awesome photo – loved the story that went with it. Brought back many a memory of big brothers here being through with holding the littlest one and just getting up and basically dumping the baby on the floor more or less! :S
    I’ve voted several times, and I’ll mention it on the blog today too!

  5. Oh…p.s. – I have that same doll pattern from Wee Wonderfuls and I hope to made it in the next few weeks. My two sweet nieces have birthdays next month!

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