i owe you one


I am so terribly grateful for all the help everyone has given by voting for Island Auntie’s proposal which will help her off-grid home in Hawaii become even more eco-friendly and sustainable by using solar power.  Two very generous bloggy friends, Jackie and Rebecca, posted about the proposal on their blogs. Another amiga asked her entire school to vote!  The first day that I mentioned it, your votes propelled her into first place.   She has now slid back into the second spot, but she is not far behind and today is the last day that the polls are open for this round of grants.  So, here I am again, bothering you for just one more click!   Go to this link, give the page some time to load, scroll halfway down, and hit vote.  THANK YOU.

I’d like to show some true appreciation for your support, so here’s what I will do.  For the crafty folks, I will turn that pile of scraps into a neat little sewing project and will post a detailed tutorial next week so that you can make one too.  I can’t tell you what it is just yet because I am making this item for a certain birthday girl and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.   But I can tell you that it is a simple, practical gift that comes together fairly quickly.  I have not found a good tutorial for it out there in crafty blog-land, so I think it will be useful.  For those of you who read this blog to get family updates, I pledge to do everything in my power to get a few new photos of Island Baby.  Images of that beautiful little girl are hot commodities in our family!  

And for EVERYONE who comments or sends an email and lets me know that they voted again today (March 31), I will give you the chance to win one of these top secret gifts that I am making.  I wish I could tell you what it is, but I can’t.  I do promise that it won’t be lame.  Sound good?  

Thanks again, very very much.

UPDATE:  SHE WON!!!  THANK YOU!  Comments are closed–will pick a giveaway winner soon….


14 thoughts on “i owe you one

  1. Hi Molly,

    Hope that my vote from Berlin/Germany still comes in on time. I have voted several times, whenever I came to think about it – actually I should have done it once a day, but you know how it is – there is always something else on ones mind. Hope they will win the grant, keep my fingers crossed.

    Best, Elke

  2. It takes a lot of courage to put convential by the way side and strikout on your own for what you believe in. How could I not help someone like that? That is, in the truest sense, what made this country great! I’ve voted a number of times and I’m now emotionally committed:)

  3. Yeah! Just voted again and it does say she’s ranked #1 again. Hope it stays that way.

  4. Got the email from your mother today and sent it out to many folks on my email list with the message that today is the deadline so they’d get right to the voting ! Fingers crossed that Maura is the winner !!

  5. Hi,

    Just checked the numbers and Maura is at #1 with only six more hours to go, almost to the finish line.

  6. I voted again and it looks like they are in 1st again!!! I sure hope this helps!!
    You dont have to appreciate me in the drawing as my little one has beautiful crafty bibs she loves from you and Im such a tree hugger that if she is off the grid I am super happy!! The competitive part also wants to help her win cause winning is more fun than not winning!!!

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